Arrowhead Engineered Products Partners with Dealer Association

Arrowhead Engineered Products, which owns multiple aftermarket brands in the powersports and outdoor power equipment industries, has joined the National Powersports Dealer Association (NPDA) as a strategic partner.

Arrowhead Engineered Products’ global powersports brands include those of the All Balls Racing Group (ABRG): All Balls Racing, Vertex Pistons, Cylinder Works, Hot Cams, Pivot Works and Tiger Lights. The company also recently acquired Western Power Sports, demonstrating its commitment and interest in the powersports industry on many levels.

Chera Gibb

“Arrowhead Engineered Products is showing its dedication to dealers and the industry by joining both the Motorcycle Industry Council and now the National Powersports Dealer Association,” said NPDA President Bob Althoff. “Retail is where ‘the rubber meets the road’ and Arrowhead Engineered Products understands that. Partnering with NPDA is a true commitment to excellence and long-term powersports dealership success, the best way for consumers to explore, engage and purchase powersports products and services.

“A healthy industry requires a healthy dealer network with a common voice,” said Chera Gibb, vice president of marketing for Arrowhead Engineered Products. “We intend to continue to provide the network with exceptional products, service and delivery” supporting NPDA’s vision to exceed the expectations of a growing powersports customer base and develop retail excellence industry dealers.