Chinese self-driving truck makers on the rise

TuSimple, a Chinese autonomous truck start-up backed by graphics chip maker Nvidia, is in talks with 10 ports in China to deliver its autonomous trucks, according to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post.

“Autonomous logistics solutions will be more cost effective for ports,” said Hao Jiannan, co-founder of the Beijing and San Diego-based company at a launch event in Beijing earlier this week. “This represents the trend to follow in the future. “

TuSimple is one of more than 20 Chinese autonomous truck start-ups that have been launched since 2016. TABU, founded by the former head of R&D of road transport company Didi Chuxing, is another competing Chinese company. with US tech giants like Uber, Google Waymo, and Tesla. Semi, as the autonomous truck market heats up.

A number of ports around the world, such as the giants Singapore and Rotterdam, already use autonomous trucks in their container operations.

Meanwhile, NIO Capital, a private equity fund founded by Chinese electric car start-up NIO, said earlier this week that it plans to develop self-driving electric trucks with the Internet of Things company. G7 countries and the logistics provider GLP.

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