Don’t buy expired tires


“Most vehicle owners probably don’t know this fact and wouldn’t even consider it a problem,” said Hedley Judd, national director of the Tire, Equipment and Parts Association (Tepa), a proud industry association. automotive retail. Organization (IRM). This warranty comes from the manufacturer who guarantees that the tire (product) in its unused form is free from manufacturing defects for the period of five years from the date of manufacture.

“By asking the right questions and understanding what you should be looking for, there is less chance that you will be fooled into purchasing a compromised part.” A tire in an unused (unmounted) condition that has been properly stored during the time until fitting may last more than five years, however, the manufacturer’s warranty does not extend beyond the five-year period.

So what to do once you realize you’ve bought an expired tire?

“You should approach the dealership. If you are unable to resolve the issue, the next step is to contact RMI / Tepa for assistance with negotiation.

He cautioned, however, that the necessary evidence is the dated invoice from the sale of the tire and the tire manufacturing date code. “Failure to produce such an invoice will make any potential claim extremely difficult to prove. This makes it very difficult for customers who may have purchased used tires that had already passed the five-year warranty expiration period without any paperwork. Unfortunately, this is increasingly becoming a common problem.

The age of a tire can be determined by examining its side wall for the following markings:
• 51: Made in the 51st week of the year
• 07: Manufactured in 2007.

In South Africa used tires can only be imported for retreading purposes.

Correct storage is essential. And even if this were respected, a legitimate tire dealer will not sell you an expired tire.

“By ensuring that the tires are replaced in pairs of axles, that is to say at least two at a time, the best tires are always fitted to the rear of the vehicle and not to the front as one often think so, ”says Judd.

It is always advisable to fit tires that meet OEM specifications.

Cheap tires will cost you dearly – be safe rather than sorry.

“Many deaths on our roads are linked to tire malfunctions and accidents. Talk to the experts and stay away from any unscrupulous dealer, ”he concluded.

Source: Cathy Findley RP

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