Florida Rental Dealer’s Association (FRDA) Announces New President, Paul Métivier

The Florida Rental Dealer’s Association (FRDA) announces the new president, Paul Métivier.

The Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA) The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Paul Metivier as its new president. Metivier is the Vice President of Operations at Impact RTO (the largest Rent-A-Center franchise operation with 75 locations) headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Over the past three years, Métivier has helped Impact RTO win two Eagle Awards, the prestigious award given to the best Rent-A-Center franchisee. He enjoys training motivated colleagues to serve clients, while demonstrating a passion for this industry.

He has been an advocate for the Florida state-level and national-level hire-purchase industry with the APRO Legislative Conference in Washington, DC In addition to serving on the FRDA Board of Directors for 11 years old, Metivier attends several industry events and has led breakout sessions with APRO and TRIB.

Métivier strongly believes in the purpose of leasing with option to buy and enjoys working in an industry that says “YES” to a client who is primarily told “NO”. Past President of FRDA, Sharon tomaszewski is delighted that his successor has accepted this opportunity and for what it means for the future of FRDA. Tomaszewski says: “Paul is a natural for this position. He has the right mix of enthusiasm, knowledge and vision to lead FRDA. As a member of the Board of Directors, he has brought valuable insight and positive energy to our efforts, and he has proven himself to be the right person to continue and advance FRDA’s mission. Tomaszewski has been president of FRDA since 2012, and she will continue to serve on the board.

Métivier is also passionate and enjoys spending time with his family. He is the proud husband of his wife Luisa and father of 14-year-old twins. He enjoys traveling, playing sports, exercising and having conversations with interesting people. He is delighted to be the new President of FRDA and is fully committed to its continued success. If you wish to contact Métivier, please send an email to [email protected] or go to http://www.impact-properties.com/.

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