Friday Fives: Reasons to Visit the National Automobile Museum Malaysia

Did you know that there are not only races on the international Sepang circuit? The National Automobile Museum Malaysia is located right at the entrance to the Sepang International Circuit and is home to all of Malaysian automotive history.

The museum exhibits date back to well before the start of Proton, when Brushmobile was still running and MGs were the cars to buy! It’s a small exhibition space and admission is free, so if you want to learn more about automotive history in Malaysia, take the time to take a quick tour of the space!

Movable brush 1904

Even the Ford at XLR8 was not up to par with this car in terms of age! It produces a total of 6 hp!

Ford speedster

The legendary Ford Speedster, not because of its performance, but the way the car was built on the basis of the T-Model chassis, which gives it exceptional handling.

Alvis Firefly Tourer

The poor man’s Bentley! Think of this car as the BMW / Mercedes-Benz / Audi of the traditional ages. PS: A Bentley = spend a million dollars, BMW / Mercedes-Benz / Audi: premium luxury less than a million.

Jaguar Type D

Now, this is a rare sighting, the D-Type is known to have only built 71 units, and that doesn’t include the XKSS versions. The car’s engineers applied aeronautical technology to come up with the tub-shaped unibody construction. Epic yes?

Scalable local cars

There is a piece of history inside the museum that everyone in this country has seen and it is the very first Perodua Kancil that came out of the factory and that Tun M drove. He might be known as Daihatsu in other parts of the world, but he’s a classic from our country, yes? Check out the Proton Waja, the country’s first car, the Perodua Kembara, the country’s very first SUV, and the locally built Bufori.

Jerrica Leong

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