Garbage Truck Manufacturers in Turkey

The garbage truck becomes even more important with urbanization; waste management has become more important than ever and manufacturers are taking a new stance in line with current environmental, design and related regulations.

As Shahlan, we started manufacturing in 1972 and attach great importance to the production of hydraulic compacted trash cans. The garbage trucks we produce by combining 100% domestic capital, Turkish engineering and manufacturing are now used in many countries around the world.

Garbage truck companies engaged in manufacturing large and small companies in Turkey number up to 10. Few of these companies have as many product varieties as Şahlan. Şahlan has a store selling elements of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits Hidroteknik A.Ş. repair, maintenance, spare parts and product service.

Like Sagan, our view is that global trade is heading towards monopolization in the embedded equipment sector as it is in many industries. Multinational companies based in Turkey have been created with Turkish capital companies which have started to make a purchase or a partnership. In this regard, local companies like Şahlan are forced to compete with global brands in order to protect their national and indigenous qualities. This competition has led many producers to reduce the quality of products and services.

Instead of entering global competition and lowering the quality of our products, we have always retained the brand value we deserve and have always been one of the most respected institutions in the industry. Together with our foreign dealers, we have tried to spread Turkish products, especially in the Middle East, where multinational companies are not in an aggressive position. We are proud and heard by national and indigenous groups. Turkish manufacturers known today as garbage trucks or hydraulic components are entirely dependent on foreign auto parts manufacturers, or must be associated with foreign capital. The prancing direct current is of a different point from other manufacturers with national and local posture. Şahlan, who chooses Turkish products ranging from hydraulic valve, filter, hard chrome used in hydraulic cylinders and sealing element, is also a pioneer in developing Turkish spare parts in exported products to the world.