National Automobile Dealers Association appoints Marcia Mayaba as Vice President

Franchise Manager Barloworld Motor Retail Marcia Mayaba was elected Vice President of the National Automobile Dealers’ Association (Nada).

“We are extremely happy to have Marcia on board,” said President of Nada Marc Dommisse. “We look forward to working closely with her on various issues impacting auto dealerships from an economic, social, diversity and transformational perspective. ”

“It is an honor to have been appointed to the position of Vice President, which I embrace with enthusiasm,” said Mayaba.

“I intend to add value to the great work that Nada does on behalf of its members. The association has reflected tremendous tenacity in assisting and advising its members during the current pandemic and the ongoing crisis. What a time to be involved at this level and lead our industry.

Born in Orlando East and raised by a single mother, Mayaba had to rise to the occasion when her mother died of breast cancer in 1995.

At 21, she was forced to drop out of college while studying for a Bachelor of Laws degree to enter the workforce to support her two younger sisters.

Mayaba’s involvement in the automotive industry spans some 23 years and includes truck rental, car rental, leasing and fleet management and, most recently, sales experience at detail.

She joined the retail space as a Senior Dealer Intern (DP). She completed an Original Equipment Manufacturer DP program, as well as the Sewell’s Dealership Management Trainee program.

His first appointment as a primary dealer took place in 2011.

She also has a diploma in transportation and is a Gordon Institute of Business alumnus.

Mayaba was appointed director of the Ford and Mazda franchise in 2019 – a first for Barloworld and the auto industry as a whole.

She is passionate about advancing women in the automotive industry and has positioned herself at the forefront of change and transformation.

“I see myself as a necessary disruptor to the auto industry in South Africa. Transformation, change and inclusion move at a snail’s pace, ”she says.

Mayaba acknowledges that the picture is slightly better than it was when she began her journey in the auto industry in 1997.

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