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Two prestigious worlds clashed at the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania where an art exhibit was installed alongside a luxurious Rolls-Royce SIlver Ghost. The museum, which has been a staple in Launceston for over 30 years, has teamed up to offer patrons a glimpse into the grace of the fine art while admiring the mechanical beauty of automobiles. Museum director Phil Costello said art enhances and diversifies the experience. IN OTHER NEWS: “There are paintings on one wall and skateboards and BMX bikes on the other,” Mr. Costello said. As in many places, the lack of tourism due to COVID-19 has hit the museum hard, and Mr. Costello said they were eager to see faces old and new coming to see the new facility. Mr Costello said the paintings will be donated to the museum for most of 2021 and he looks forward to the interest they may generate. Martin McBain is a restorer of works of art and is the curator of the exhibition. Mr McBain said most of the artwork came from Gladstone Eyre, an artist who spent about a decade in Launceston around the turn of the 19th century. Gladstone Eyre painted a number of iconic local landmarks including the Cataract Gorge and the River Tamar, both of which hang in the museum. “People who have come have already shown a lot of interest,” said McBain. Mr McBain said that while Gladstone Eyre’s works made up the majority of what was on display, other local artists adorned the walls as well. “There are a lot of Tasmanian scenes and most of the works are Tasmanian subjects,” he said. Another of those Tasmanian artists alongside the Rolls-Royce is Joshua Higgs Junior, another artist who was operating around the same time as Gladstone Eyre. Like Gladstone Eyre, Joshua Higgs painted Tasmanian landscapes and is synonymous with the Tasmanian art world. The Tasmanian National Automobile Museum is a community-funded, non-profit organization and is open 365 days a year. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:


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