Tasmania’s new National Automobile Museum officially opened in Invermay | Examiner

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The long-awaited move of the Tasmanian National Automobile Museum to its new headquarters on Lindsay Street in Invermay has come to fruition. The new museum officially opened to the public on September 30, just in time for the school holidays. NAMT Director Phil Costello said it was a relief to finally settle at the new site. “It’s good to see this all together,” Mr. Costello said. “It’s a lot more user-friendly, no defined paths… one level made things a lot easier to get in and out and the fact that we could bring the cars in and just set them up was a big bonus. ” The new museum features brand new cars and motorcycles from all over Australia for enthusiasts to enjoy and marvel at. IN OTHER NEWS: “One of the nice things about this museum is that right now we have vehicles from Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales”, Mr. Costello said. “This is probably the first time that we have had cars from so many different states.” One particularly special car according to Mr. Costello was a 1986 Giocattalo Group B. “It’s a pretty rare car … it’s based on an Alpha GTV,” he said. “They were built in Australia, about 15 of them. There are about 14.” There are a lot of new cars here that haven’t been with us before. It was always the intention: to build a museum that was fresh and that was not just the old museum in a new building. Riverbend Park: “I was amazed at how many people this park has attracted and as they finish it and summer rolls around it just means there will be more people around,” he said. -he declares.



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