This is how a national car brand became an international name

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Dubai’s strategic geographic positioning has enabled the country to emerge as a major exporter and re-exporter of vehicles. It provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers from Asia, Europe and North Africa to transact with the Middle East, Africa, India and South East Asia regions. Moreover, Dubai’s ease of doing business and advanced infrastructure encourage many automotive players to establish a firm foothold in the country.


Nicholas Farago, CEO of Farago Motors

According to Aranca, a global research firm, the number of vehicles in the Middle East is expected to reach 27,000,000 by 2023, including 18 million cars and 9 million commercial vehicles. Following this trail of growing business opportunities in the automotive sector in Dubai, Nicholas Faragoa Swedish businessman, has decided to enter the Dubai market with his world-class car export solution Farago Motors.

Buying a new car could be a tedious and overwhelming task for buyers, especially first-time car buyers. Choosing from a number of variants, engines and transmissions undoubtedly involves a lot of confusion, which leaves you perplexed. Nicholas, as a market expert, identified this problem and worked to solve it with his new car dealership in Dubai. They offer a wide range of automotive options to their customers including top brands like Nissan, Toyota, Hino, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Kia. Their team of expert professionals, at Farago, pay close attention to the requirements of their customers from all over the Emirates and help them find the most wanted cars.

Farago Motors also operates as a giant used car repository from which anyone can find and buy used cars at an affordable price. Unlike private sellers, Farago allows customers to buy used cars in a friendly environment following all ethical procedures. As a premium dealership, their non-commissioned sales staff guide their customers through every step of the car buying process to make the entire process convenient and hassle-free. Moreover, their promise of easy paperwork, secure transactions and easy access to all other car services make them a top dealership in Dubai.

Speaking about the future of the automotive industry, entrepreneur and CEO of the company, Nicholas, said, “The hybrid and electric vehicle segment is a rapidly developing segment and they are going to completely reshape the automotive industry. electric vehicles first drew a lot of criticism due to their inferior battery, however, Tesla completely changed the game and today one can easily buy an electric car with a lifespan of 300,000 to 500,000 miles. and a range of 500-600 km on a single charge.. So I strongly believe that in a very short period of time we will see other segments follow, such as planes, trains, buses, even your mower lawn.”

With his background in the automotive market, the 33-year-old CEO aims to gain superior traction in Dubai’s automotive landscape. In fact, today he is considered one of the best CEOs in Dubai. His company Farago Motors shares a 15 year history of excellence in the supply of new and used cars and it has also established a presence outside of Dubai, as “Farago Motors Ltd” in Ghana and ” Farago Motors Of Americas LLC” in the United States. Under Nicholas’s leadership, the company has already sold more than 15,000 cars and now plans to become a leading automotive destination for the Emirates.