Truck Manufacturers Call for Fully Built Vehicles

Chennai: As the truck market moves towards higher gross vehicle weight (GVWR) thanks to new safety and emissions standards, the past practice of producing trucks without chassis and cargo boxes will soon be a thing of the past. pass. According to leading truck marketers, the fully-built truck segment will experience significant growth in the coming months as commercial vehicles move upmarket.
“With new regulations like BS6 as well as new safety standards, trucks will be fitted with huge amounts of electronics and sensors. This will require factory building of the truck bodies, as many companies that build cabs and bodies are from the unorganized sector and any problem with electronics and sensors can completely ruin the vehicle, ”said Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV).
Currently, he added, only 50% of trucks sold in India are factory fitted with their bodywork and cab. “With the increase in speed limits, a greater focus on safety, increased axle loads, new collision standards, etc., it will make more and more sense to fit cabins in the factory”, he explained.
VECV isn’t the only company talking about fully built vehicles. Tata Motors, the market leader in commercial vehicles, is also increasingly focusing on factory-built truck cabs and bodies. “This is part of the CV premiumization campaign which is all about the features and attributes that improve profitability for the client. In tippers, for example, we are migrating massively to fully built vehicles. We also focus on fully built semi-trailers and in mid and light commercial vehicles, over 90% are equipped with cab and cargo box, ”said Girish Wagh, business unit president commercial vehicles, Tata Motors.
The factory-fitted cab and bodywork are also made necessary by the growing interest in AC cabs. “We are already seeing that 15% of cab vehicles are sold with air conditioning in the medium and heavy-duty vehicle segment,” Wagh said. “In light commercial vehicles, this percentile is around 10. It is still very small but it is increasing,” he added. Air-conditioned cabs are becoming popular in niche applications for semi-trailers like mining. “E-commerce freight, which requires quick turnaround times, is also driving demand for air-conditioned cabins,” Aggarwal said.
The truck and bus bodywork industry is worth Rs 700 crore per year and several players in this crowded segment are unorganized. Apart from emission and safety standards, which is also driving the trend for factory-built vehicles, are the new axle standards that allow trucks to carry higher loads and hence vehicles must be manufactured for greater wear, truck marketers said.

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