William Fox elected Vice-President of the National Automobile Dealers Association

Auburn, NY – The Board of Directors of the National Automobile Dealers Association has elected William C. Fox, partner of Fox Dealerships Inc., as Vice President for 2014. This position places him in a position to become President in 2015 .

William C. Fox

Fox has been a member of the NADA board, representing New York auto dealers, since 2006 and has served on its executive committee for the past two years. He will be the first person in central New York to hold one of the association’s two most senior positions.

He is the current chairman of the association’s regulatory affairs committee and served as finance chairman of its dealership election action committee.

He served as the New York Center representative on the board of directors of the New York State Automobile Dealers Association for 15 years and is currently its vice president.

Fox and his sister, Jane Fox, became car dealers when they bought a Chevrolet dealership in Weedsport in 1976. They currently own and operate three dealerships in Auburn and one in Phoenix, selling Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Honda, Subaru. and Toyota brand vehicles. Their dealerships employ 180 people.

Based in McLean, Virginia, NADA employs 350 people and represents nearly 16,000 new car and truck dealers in the United States. The association was formed in 1917 to educate Congress on issues affecting car dealerships. It now also represents the industry to regulatory bodies and provides its members with educational services and products such as insurance and pension plans.

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